Tips For Staying Connected Without Actually Plugging In

By Shivam B

It is almost impossible to disconnect from technology in today’s world. We constantly need to stay connected and plugged in since our lives are literally organized on our phones. But there are also many days when we don’t want the extra weight on our phone battery or we simply just need a little bit of a detox. Whether you’re feeling to plugged in lately or just trying to cut down on your screen time for the day, the tips we have compiled below will help you stay connected without using every gadget on hand. Enjoy!

Image courtesy of Emma Studies/Pinterest

Turn off notifications

Most phones are programmed to receive automatic updates. However, you can turn this function off by going into Settings, selecting “System Updates” and then selecting the “Automatic downloads” option on your phone’s settings page. This is especially helpful if you have an older or smaller battery. It will help save power when your device has a low battery.

Turn off your screen

The latest models of smartphones now takes up to 40% more power just to reveal a black screen than just showing their logo. So, if you need to conserve battery life, you can manually turn on the “Auto-Lock” or set the alarm for 15 minutes, after which your phone should shut down by itself.

Take a break

If you’re feeling the phone’s battery is draining too quickly, it may have to do with your usage. Try taking some time away from your device and engage in other activities that can help distract you before coming back and checking if there are any messages or notifications.

Be responsible

Try not to use your phone as a flashlight when it’s dark since this can put an unnecessary strain on the battery. And make sure you’re charging at night while plugged in instead of leaving it connected overnight so that there isn’t any risk of overcharging or damaging the battery.

Image courtesy of Cookiethepo**/Unsplash