Turbocharge Your Productivity With These 5 Hacks

By Kanyi M

It is said that the less you accomplish, the more work you have to do. Don’t fall for the quote! If you are trying to get ahead, these five hacks will help turbocharge your productivity and ensure that everything gets done in time. Using these strategies, you can maximize your time and do twice as much work without breaking a sweat!

1. Check your email once every day

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Emails are one of the biggest time wasters around, so make sure you check them only once a day. If you check them regularly throughout the day, it won’t be easy to focus on other things.

2. Write down important tasks when they pop-up

Most of the time, we forget to write down tasks when they first come to our minds. To ensure that unnecessary tasks don’t take a back seat, ensure that you get everything on paper before they completely fade away.

3. Plan for “stress” times in advance

These are the times when you know that things will be busy, and there will be a scramble for everything to get done – like during meetings or family events. By scheduling these few hours during the week, you can plan out your work schedule and focus on other things without feeling overwhelmed.

4. Do something else while procrastinating

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It is always easy to procrastinate on something productive rather than doing nothing at all. If you find yourself procrastinating and wasting time on something else, make sure you spend that time on a useful activity such as learning a new skill or playing a sport.

5. Have five tasks on your to-do list at a time

Having a full to-do list can really overwhelm you, so it is better to split your tasks into smaller chunks. If you have five tasks on your list at any time, it will seem like less work than having twenty or more tasks at one go!