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Unexpected Products For Multipurpose Use In Your Home

Many household items have other uses besides their primary purpose. As a result, tennis balls, nail varnish, and tights become useful for housekeeping purposes in your home that save time and money. Therefore, this article will explain how to put these and other items to good use in your home instead of throwing them away.

1. Aluminium foil

Image Credit: Teslariu Mihai/Unsplash
  • Scrubber: Used foil can be scrunched up to make a perfect tool to scrub off tough stains from your pots and pans.
  • Scarecrow: To protect your fruit tree from birds hang pieces of foil on the tree. Birds are afraid of foil.
  • Fast Ironing: Faster and efficient ironing is achieved when you place a layer of foil under the cover of your ironing board.

2. Glass Jars and Food Tins

Photo Credit: homebnc.com
  • Desk Organizer: Use tins and jars to store items that you require on your desks such as pens and markers.
  • Planters: Houseplants can find a perfect home in Large jars when you use them as planters.
  • Cutlery Holders: Create dining table holders for knives and forks using aluminum tins.

3. Nail Varnish

  • Envelope Sealer: Sealing and resealing of envelopes can be done by applying a colorless nail varnish along the top and press down.
  • Thread Needles: For easy threading, you require a dry end of a piece of thread. Nail varnish helps to dry it.
  • Color Code for Keys: Paint the top of your keys with nail varnish of different colors.

4. Tennis balls

  • Floor Protector: Protect your floor from scratches and scrapes. Therefore, cut into the tennis balls and put them at the bottom of the chair legs. For an immaculate finish that matches with the decor, spray paint them before attaching.
  • Parking Aids: An old tennis ball tied to the roof of your garage can help you to gauge your braking when driving into your garage. As a result, you avoid bumping the wall.

5. Tights

  • Dusters: Soft fibers in tights remove dust efficiently.
  • Food Strainers: If you need food strainers, look no further. Just grab your new unused tights.