Velcro Hacks: How To Organize Any Disorganized Mess

By Harpreet K

Life can be messy. There’s no way to get around it. But with a bit of a creative mind, you can use everyday objects to help organize your life and make tasks a little bit easier. Today, we’ll take a look at one of our favorite organizing tools: Velcro! This versatile material has so many different uses; you’ll be surprised how handy it can be. It may be used for all sorts of purposes, both big and small. From organizing your kitchen cabinets to keeping your shoes together, Velcro is a must-have for any busy person. It may not have been invented for any of these reasons in particular, but the handy product has endless possibilities! Keep reading for 40 creative ways to use Velcro in your home and life.

1. Organizing your spices in the kitchen

If you’re too busy with your 9 to 5 job and want to make your life simpler, Velcro is your solution. Velcro can be used to keep all your storage jars organized in the kitchen. For example, separating your spices containers.

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This way, you won’t have to spend precious time looking for that one elusive spice when you’re trying to cook dinner. All you need is some Velcro and a few Mason jars, and you’ll have an instant spice rack ready to stack.

2. Keeping your shoes paired

Do you constantly find yourself searching for your other shoe? We have a technique to ensure that you’ll never be late for the office or a workout session at the gym. Just grab some Velcro to save some time and energy.


Simply Velcro your shoes together when you’re not wearing them, and voilà! You’ll never be stumbling around the house with just one shoe on. You don’t even need to spend time stacking your shoes in a rack, and keeping everything from falling over with each new addition.

3. Velcro your keys to your purse or backpack

Losing your keys can be frustrating, or even panic-inducing. Spending hours searching for them every time you leave the house or workplace is too much for anyone to take. Even digging through your bag to find your key can be exhausting.

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If you’re always misplacing your keys, Velcro can help you out. Just attach your keys to your purse or backpack, and you’ll never have to search for them again. This is a fantastic hack to keep your keys organized and in one place.

4. Keep your remote on the coffee table

It’s happened to the best of us. Imagine, you’re watching your favorite show when, suddenly, the remote slips from your grasp and falls to the floor with a thud. You scramble to pick it up, only to drop it again.

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It’s a frustrating experience, made all the more annoying by the fact that it could easily have been avoided. The next time you’re in such a predicament, Velcro your remote to the coffee table. That way, you won’t need to worry about losing it again.

5. Keeping your cords organized

Nobody likes a tangle of cords and cables. It’s the electronics equivalent of a bowl of spaghetti – all you can do is hope that you can find the right “noodle” to plug into the right outlet. The solution is simple: Velcro.

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Just wrap up your cords and cables into neat little bundles, and secure them with Velcro strips. You can even label them, so you’ll always know which one goes to your printer and which one goes to your lamp. No more wasted time untangling cords. 

6. Hanging tools

This is a great option to organize your tools and keep them off the floor. It’s also a simple yet effective way to keep them from getting damaged or misplaced. And, to top it off, it’s easy to reorder them as needed.

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Whether you’re hanging lightweight jewelry-fixing pliers or garage tools, make sure to get a strong Velcro. You’ll need heavy-duty strips for the latter. The last thing you want is to have your pliers come loose and fall down on your foot.

7. Velcro the rugs

There are so many reasons why you may want to use Velcro to keep your rugs in place on your floors. It can prevent slips and falls, which is always a safety concern. Additionally, it may help to contain any dirt or debris that might be on the rug so that it doesn’t get tracked around the house.

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Attach a few strips of Velcro to the bottom of your rug and to the floor, and you’ll never have to think about the rug moving around again! This is a great way to keep rugs in place, especially in high-traffic areas. Plus, it’s super easy to do and doesn’t require any special tools or materials.

8. Bin and drawer labels

After putting away things in drawers and bins, you may not remember the exact location. Labels are helpful in determining the contents of the storage bins and drawers. Since you may change the items in the bin, using a temporary but reliable labeling system is better.

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You can either use pre-cut Velcro strips or cut them yourself to fit the size of your labels. First, attach the Velcro strip to the back of your label. Then, attach the other side of the Velcro strip to the drawer or bin. This will keep your things sorted and looking neat!

9. DIY jacket closure

If your jacket’s zipper breaks, don’t panic! There’s an easy fix that will have you looking fabulous in no time. Just sew on a couple of pieces of Velcro at equal gaps, and voilà — your jacket will be as good as new.

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You can also do this for pockets that won’t stay shut. No more worrying about your keys falling out of your pocket. You may also use this hack for someone with mobility or health issues so they can fasten their jacket quickly without using the zipper.

10. For handy pens

When you need a pen, you don’t want to be shuffling through your drawers looking for that loose writing utensil rolling around. One way to avoid stress is to use a tiny piece of Velcro to have a fixed place for the pen.

Image courtesy: bobzjr/

Put the Velcro on the edge of the desk so that the pen is always within reach. You can also Velcro it to your refrigerator, car dashboard, or anywhere else you might need a pen. Your pen will not get misplaced from these spots now. 

11. Secure the table cloth

Table cloths are hard to manage as a slight movement may make them slide down. When dining on the patio, eating can become a nightmare if there are strong winds outside. For these situations, you need Velcro to secure the cloth.

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Attaching strips of Velcro to both the table and the tablecloth can be a great way to keep everything in place. Just make sure that the Velcro is strong enough to hold up against any dinner guests who might try to move things around!

12. Velcro your shirt buttons

Have you ever been in an unavoidable situation where your shirt has these gaps between the buttons? These appear to be more prominent while sitting. Velcro is a great way to prevent these embarrassing gaps when you wear your favorite shirt.

Image courtesy: FabricDepot / YouTube

Just attach the Velcro to your shirt buttons, and you’ll be good to go. Plus, it’s easy to take off and put on, so you can use it whenever you need it. You may do these to all your shirts and dresses that have buttons on them to be worry-free. 

13. Velcro the smoke alarm

You can absolutely hang a smoke alarm with Velcro strips! It’s a straightforward and easy process. First, find a suitable spot on the wall or ceiling where you want to mount the alarm. Clean the surface where you’ll be attaching the strips with alcohol or another cleaner.

Image courtesy: VELCRO Brand UK / YouTube

This is to remove any dirt or oils that could prevent the Velcro from sticking correctly. Ensure it’s not too close to any potential sources of heat or fire and that it’s easily within reach if you need to disable it in a hurry. Then, cut two pieces of Velcro to attach the alarm securely and you’re done.

14. Shower music system

Turning your shower into a personal spa is easy with the right music. Add a waterproof radio or Bluetooth speaker to your shower wall and enjoy some calming tunes while you wash. You can even create a playlist specifically for your showers, so you can always have the perfect soundtrack for relaxation.

Image courtesy: Jen Trolio/

To attach the radio or speaker to the shower wall, you’ll have to use heavy-duty Velcro strips. Ensure you use enough Velcro to secure the speaker, as some can be heavy. You won’t want the speakers sliding down from the wall and killing the mood.

15. Toy Organization

When looking for an easy way to organize your child’s bedroom, using Velcro on the walls or boards is a great option. Velcro is easy to apply and remove, so you can quickly change up the toy organization in your child’s room. Plus, it’s a fun way for your child to help out.

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Apply Velcro strips to the wall in the desired configuration. You can get creative with this and make any design you like. Attach Velcro strips to the toys with some sewing or a hot glue gun. Now, hang them up and enjoy your handiwork! 

16. Flashlight for safety

If you’ve ever found yourself in a dark, emergency situation, you know that having a flashlight handy can make all the difference. But what if you don’t have a flashlight? Or what if your flashlight runs out of batteries? Don’t fear because Velcro has got you covered.

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Just stick your flashlight to the wall using some Velcro, and it will be within easy reach when you need it most. You may also attach your flashlight to the nightstand for easy access and let people in your family know beforehand about the location. 

17. Umbrellas at the front door

The best way to keep umbrellas handy is with a couple of pieces of heavy-duty Velcro. By attaching the Velcro to the door frame, you can then secure the umbrellas in place right by the door, and they’ll be easy to grab when you need them.

Source: sotelo_k/

Plus, the Velcro will ensure that your umbrellas stay put in one place. If you need to move the umbrellas, simply detach the Velcro and reapply it elsewhere. Make sure you use thick heavy-duty Velcro, so it can withstand repeated use.

18. Support for plants

If you have a plant or flower that is struggling to stay upright, consider using some Velcro strips to help give it a little support. Just attach the strips around the stem of the plant, and they will help to keep it upright and looking healthy.

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This is a great trick to employ if you are going on vacation or if you just don’t have time to water your plants as often as you would like. Your plants won’t break in between and thrive with this support. In addition, you should check on your plants regularly and adjust the Velcro strips as needed.

19. DIY purse closure

If the closure on your purse breaks, you can easily keep it closed by attaching Velcro strips. Just cut a strip of Velcro to the desired length, and then attach it to both sides of the purse where the closure would typically be.

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This will keep your purse closed and prevent anything from falling out. Plus, it’s super easy to do and doesn’t require any sewing. If you break your purse’s closure, in an emergency, this hack will come to your rescue so you can go on with your day without worry.

20. Make the most out of your cooler 

No one thinks about the convenience of adding items such as straws, hand sanitizer, condiments, and tissues to the lid of the cooler. It can make a difference while traveling with kids and family. You won’t be wasting time rummaging through things when in a hurry.

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Use Velcro strips to add these items in a bundle, or you can also use a zip lock to keep them from falling down. Maximizing the space in the cooler will allow you to add more items inside that you may need while camping and traveling. 

21. Alter kid’s clothes

Velcro strips are a great way to temporarily alter kids’ clothes. You may use them to shorten sleeves on shirts or hem pants. They’re also handy for adjusting the fit of clothing as your child grows. Just remember to remove the strips before laundering the clothes.

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These may also come in handy in emergencies and provide instant alterations that will last until you can get around to sewing them up properly. Plus, using Velcro strips is way cheaper than taking your kid’s clothes to the tailor every other week.

22. No-nail mailbox 

You could use Velcro to attach your mailbox to your house without putting any holes that always leave damage and marks. Simply attach a strip of Velcro on the back of the mailbox and then another strip of Velcro to the surface that you would like to connect it to.

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Use a lightweight mailbox so that it stays in place, and you don’t have to fix it every other day. This is a temporary solution, but it will get the job done until you can find a more permanent solution. Moreover, this is a renter-friendly way to have a mailbox for your home. 

23. Set up battery operated lights

If you’re looking for a way to add some extra light to your home without having to constantly work on the electric wires, consider investing in some battery-operated lights. These lights can be hung in hallways, closets, bedrooms, and more.

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Use Velcro strips to stick them to the walls wherever needed around the house. They’ll provide you with the illumination you need without any hassle. This is a relatively inexpensive option to upgrade the lighting, so you won’t have to break the bank to get started. 

24. Comfy chairs with cushions

The cushions on the chair can make it annoying to sit on them when they are constantly moving. You may have to repeatedly fix the cushions after every use. Securing cushions on the chair semi-permanently is an excellent way to keep them from sliding around on chairs. All you need are some Velcro strips.

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First, cut a piece of Velcro strip that’s long enough to go around the edge of your cushion. Then, attach the rough side of the Velcro strip to the bottom of your cushion. Finally, attach the soft side of the Velcro strip to the bottom of your chair. Now your cushion will stay in place without sliding around.

25. DIY Photo board

If you don’t have a magnetic fridge, or ample space to hang up all of those pictures from your favorite vacation, you can make your own picture board with some Velcro pieces. Just get a board, some Velcro, and your favorite photos.


The only limit is how big your board is. You can arrange them however you want. With Velcro, you can mix up what pictures are on display. And, because pictures are so lightweight, you can save that heavy-duty Velcro for bigger projects.

26. Permanent spot for lip balm

Do you know what’s even worse than dry, chapped lips? Not being able to find your trusted lip balm when your lips are drier than the Sahara. If this sounded like a horror story to you, then never fear! A simple solution to prevent this nightmare scenario is to attach your lip balm to your nightstand with Velcro!

Source: Jackie Reeve/

That way, it’ll always be within easy reach whenever you need it. No more fumbling around in the dark, trying to find that elusive tube of lip balm. Or, attach it to the inside of your nightstand drawer for easy access while keeping it out of sight.

27. Prevent wrapping paper from rolling 

Do you know what’s the worst? Rolling a whole roll of wrapping paper, only to have it come undone and crumpled up again. It’s enough to drive a person crazy! You may think of using tape to secure it; however, it may damage the paper entirely.

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But there’s no need to feel stressed anymore because we’ve found the perfect solution to your wrapping paper woes: Velcro strips! Just attach a couple of Velcro strips around your wrapping paper roll, and voilà — it’ll stay in place, unrolling perfectly every time. 

28. Easy jewelry storage

Storing jewelry in a box sounds fancy, but the pieces may get mixed up with each other if not kept properly. No one likes tangled necklaces and bracelets. One easy fix is to use Velcro for your necklaces and bracelets to make them more accessible.

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Stick a Velcro dot to the wall and use another strip to loop around the necklace or bracelet. This will work as a wall jewelry organization system, ensuring you don’t have tangled jewelry. Moreover, it’ll keep your jewelry in good shape for longer. 

29. Fix those pet bowl

We all know that pets are sloppy eaters. They often make a mess and may even misplace the bowl while eating. Keeping your pet’s food bowl in place with some Velcro will help keep the area clean and free of any leftover food or droppings.

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And it’s easy to do — just attach a piece of Velcro (or two) to the underside of your pet’s food bowl, and you’re good to go! Check the bowl every few days to ensure it is in place, as your pet might try to tug on it and try to remove it.

30. Additional cabinet storage

If you own a lot of small items that tend to get lost in the back of your drawer, having added storage in the front may be the right solution. You can easily attach an organizer to the inside of the door with some Velcro strips, and then you’ll be able to see everything at a glance.

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This is a space-saving solution that can help you keep your closet organized! Moreover, you may add different baskets for different items to find them more easily. Using small cups and boxes may also work if you have limited closet space.

31. No-slip towel

Towels do not stay in their designated spot in the kitchen as they keep sliding down to the floor. It’s not only annoying but it’s also unsanitary. You may need a no-slip towel that will stay in place even while using.

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Making a no-slip dishtowel is easy! Just sew or glue a piece of Velcro to the back of your dish towel. This will keep it from slipping off your hands or the towel rod and make life just a little bit easier.

32. Depill sweaters

If you’re looking for a quick and fun way to de-pill your sweaters, grab a strip of Velcro and use the hook side to lightly brush away the pills. You may want to be careful not to damage your sweater, so don’t press too hard.

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Using Velcro over worn-out sweaters is also a great way to keep them from growing pills in the first place! With this clever hack, you can keep your old sweaters looking like new every winter season. When done gently, this hack has minimal damage to the fabric. 

33. Secure the doors and drawers

If you’ve ever had a door or drawer come open when you didn’t want it to, you know how annoying it can be. Using a small piece of Velcro is the answer to this problem. It is convenient as it’s strong yet adjustable. That means you can make it as tight or as loose as you need.

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Plus, Velcro is easy to remove, so you can take it off anytime you need to access the door or drawer. It will not leave damage on the doors and drawers like nails and strong adhesives. This hack will also work for babyproofing to prevent toddlers from opening doors.

34. Handy rubber stamps

Depending on where you work, you may have an official stamp to easily sign off on some paperwork. But what if you could keep your stamps even more organized and accessible with a small piece of Velcro? Adhere the Velcro to the underside of your desk or another convenient spot, and then stick your stamps onto the fabric side.

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Now they’ll be easy to grab whenever you need them, and you’ll never have to search through a drawer for that one stamp you need. Velcro is also great for keeping track of other small office supplies, like paperclips and pushpins.

35. Bind the cords

Cords from appliances can create a menace and make organization challenging. If you have several appliances, you’ll know how much space these take to store. Use Velcro to securely bind the cords. This will also prevent them from tangling with each other.

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Be careful not to wrap the cord too tightly around the Velcro to prevent damaging the cord. Ideally, you want to loosely bind the two together so that there’s some slack and movement in the cord. And don’t forget to use a label or piece of tape to identify which cords go together.

36. Bundle and organize 

If you have many small items cluttered in the drawer or your bag, the Velcro will help minimize it. You just have to make a bundle of items such as pens, markers, and straws and secure it using a Velcro strap. It makes it easy to have everything you might need while on the go.

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Rather than having to search through your bag or drawers for a pen, you can just grab the things and be on your way. It also cuts down on waste, as you’re not using a new plastic item every time you misplace one. Plus, it’s just really handy to have everything together in one spot. 

37. Stick cups to the fridge

If you’re on a hunt for a convenient way to keep your kids’ cups handy, consider using Velcro. This simple solution will ensure that their cups are always within reach, and it will also help have a limit on the number of cups they use in a day.

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Take Velcro strips and stick them to the fridge and the cups. Make sure these are at a level that kids can reach easily. They will enjoy the convenience without bothering you all day. Now, no more misplaced cups and extra dishes to wash!

38. Hang your tablet or phone

Keep your phone or tablet easy to reach while you’re working on something in the kitchen. You may also use it as a hands-free device for watching videos or listening to music. Plus, it helps to reduce eye strain by keeping your screen at a more comfortable viewing angle.

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Stick one end of a thick Velcro strip on the backside of the device and another on the surface. You can stick this to your car seat or walls for convenience. Moreover, you’ll save a lot of space and fidgeting around to place your phone or tablet securely. 

39. Hang picture frames 

Drilling holes in the wall or hammering nails isn’t for everyone. And even after so much hard work, the holes may not be at a level. This may make your frames look out of place. With Velcro, you don’t need to use nails or any other damaging tools.

Image courtesy:

Place Velcro strips on all four corners where you wish to stick the frames. It’s quick and easy, and you can get the frame level and exactly where you want it. Just make sure to use the heavy-duty kind of Velcro – the regular stuff won’t be strong enough to hold up your frame.

40. Hang window valance

Use Velcro as a quick and easy way to hang a window valance. First, determine where you want the valance to fall. Measuring from the top of the frame, mark out evenly spaced points along the width of the frame. Apply Velcro strips to the valance’s back at each marked point.

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Finally, align the strips on the valance with the corresponding points on the window frame and press them firmly into place. That’s it! Your window valance will be securely hanging in no time. This method is non-destructive, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your walls.