Vinegar Serves As A Much-Needed Pantry Staple, Making The Upkeep Of Almost Everything More Simple

By Navkiran K

Vinegar is a natural cleaning solution with many uses for upkeeping the home. On top of that, it’s so inexpensive and a household pantry staple in almost all homes! Known as an acidic liquid made from spoiled wine, it literally has hundreds of uses, and has become known as a good replacement for expensive household cleaning products. Not to mention that many have found that it also helps kill weeds and can repel mosquitoes. While there are various types of vinegar available, white vinegar and apple cider vinegar are the best for cleaning surfaces without harming them. There are so many methods to use vinegar that it is truly one of the most flexible items found in the home. So whether you want to revitalize wilted vegetables, shine hardwood floors, clean your shoes, or achieve sparkling windows, vinegar can do it all. It makes caring for your home, both inside and out, a lot easier, not to mention that it is better for the environment and your family than regular household cleaners. We have compiled 45 surprising and efficient ways to use vinegar that you probably never knew about!

Prevent lint buildup

Nobody wants to take their clothes out of the dryer to discover that they’re covered in lint or pet hair. If the ordinary laundry supplies aren’t getting rid of the lint, turn to your kitchen cabinet and grab the trusty bottle of vinegar. Vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent and can also reduce the amount of lint and hair clinging to your washing.

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You can prevent pet hair and lint from sticking to your clothes simply by adding half a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle of your load. It reduces static, making it less likely for lint and pet hair to cling to your clothes. 

Get rid of ants

When they aren’t swarming your kitchen, ants are fascinating creatures. But since ants are drawn to so many things in your home, many question whether a vinegar solution will genuinely repel them from attacking your supplies. Fortunately, the answer is an emphatic yes.

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The vinegar repels ants due to their inability to cope with the strong odor that vinegar leaves. When ants walk, they create pheromone trails to follow each other. The vinegar hides this with its potent aroma, preventing the ants from sensing anything with their antennae.

Cleanse a toothbrush

We don’t think about cleaning our toothbrushes very often. Our toothbrushes, however, can carry a lot of bacteria. The good news is that by sanitizing your toothbrush with vinegar, you may prevent germs and bacteria from accumulating on it.

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The process is as follows: Combine 1/2 cup water, 2 tablespoons vinegar, and 1/2 teaspoon baking soda in a mixing bowl. For 30 minutes, soak your toothbrush in this. Do this weekly if it isn’t too much of a hassle for you.

Disinfect hands

It’s interesting to know how versatile vinegar can be, from dying eggs to preserving foods and even sanitizing hands. After a long and hard working day in the garden, your hands may be covered in dirt and other grime. It can be used here as a fantastic cleaner.

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Wash them with distilled vinegar to remove contaminants and ensure that your hands do not itch, as its powerful acidity can dissolve tenacious filth and scum buildup. It’s a bright idea to keep some white vinegar on hand in the bathroom when a good cleaning is needed.

Prevent flowers from wilting

Cutting and arranging fresh flower in vases is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the nurturing a flower garden. Nothing makes a house feel more welcoming than an arrangement of fresh blooms. But unfortunately, they begin to droop after a few days. Don’t worry! Ladies and gentlemen, get some distilled white vinegar ready.

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The procedure is simple. To freshen up your flower vase, simply combine two tablespoons of white vinegar and one teaspoon of sugar in four cups of water. Your flowers will now last for several days longer than they did previously in regular un -vinegared tap water.

Make buttermilk

You’re in the kitchen, working on a recipe that requires buttermilk, and you realize that you have none on hand! Fortunately, you have a simple replacement in the form of vinegar at your disposal. Certain recipes call for buttermilk’s tangy aroma and acidic structure.

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Simply dissolve one tablespoon of vinegar in a cup of milk and wait a few minutes for the milk to curdle slightly. Then, whisk the mixture together, and it’s ready to use as a buttermilk substitute! A last-minute dash to the store can be avoided by following these steps.

Painting prepping

You’ll note that all painting products indicate that they should be applied to a clean surface. So what can be used for prepping a wall? Well, what do you know! Vinegar has a role to play here too! Its natural acidity dissolves grime and oils.

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This powerful natural cleaner works wonderfully when it comes to priming surfaces before painting. If you’re going to paint a wall, all you have to do is wipe it down with vinegar and wait for it to dry before proceeding. Now, the paint will stick better.

Aids in removing candle wax

Candles are a delightful household item to have around. They give you a little natural abient lighting, provide a tranquil mood, and a relaxing aroma to waft through the air, if the candle happens to be scented. However, there’s no disputing that spilling hot wax is a disaster that is very hard to remove. Don’t fret! Vinegar is here to help.

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Gently use a hair dryer to add warm air to the wax spot that you need to remove. The hot air makes it looser, and easier to lift up. Combine vinegar and water in a half-and-half ratio. Soak some paper towels in the combined solution and use them to remove all traces of the spilled wax.

Make your eyewear spotless

Most people who wear glasses say they clean them by exhaling on them and wiping the fog away with their shirts. But this is not a suitable solution. Why not try a safe, homemade remedy with an ingredient already sitting in your pantry?

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Mix one part of water and three parts of distilled white vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray it on your glasses, and then dry them with a clean cotton cloth. It will eliminate the gunk and streaks on your lenses right away.

Remove creases in garments

Vinegar is one of your kitchen’s most multipurpose ingredients! But did you know how effective it is for erasing the wrinkles on your garments? It’s a low-cost and chemical-free way to fix this problem. One part of white vinegar to three parts of water is the perfect ratio to achieve wrinkle free laundry!

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Fill a bottle halfway with the solution and spray it on your clothes. Wrinkles should start to fade away after air drying. To mask the vinegar’s strong aroma, add a drop of your favorite essential oil like lavender, and you should be good to go.

Remove clog from sink

When unclogging a sink, you don’t need to turn to toxic chemicals. You probably already have all you need to get your pipes flowing again in your cabinets. A baking soda and vinegar combination is all that is required for the cleaning process.

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Allow roughly a cup of baking soda to rest in the drain for a few minutes. Then pour in a cup of vinegar. The mixture will produce a fizzy chemical reaction that will dislodge the obstruction. Once the foam has subsided, run your taps with a strong pressure to dislodge the block.

Repel rabbits from garden

Rabbits can wreak havoc on your plants and vegetable garden. Using vinegar is a simple technique to keep the bunnies away! The pungent smell of vinegar is a powerful rabbit repellent. This is because it contains compounds that are offputting to them.

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Place a cotton ball in a 35 mm film container and soak it in distilled vinegar. Place this in your garden after poking a hole in the top. Rabbits despise the odor. Put it in your garden to discourage them from hanging out in there. This is an eco-friendly way of keeping bunnies away without using harmful pesticides that could harm them.

Disinfect the birdbath

One of the most appealing things to birds is a clean birdbath filled with fresh water. They’ll splash around, sit on the cliff’s edge, and drink water from it. But what if it gets dirty? You guessed it! You can keep it clean with vinegar.

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Scrub it with a nine-to-one solution of water and vinegar. Let the solution soak for a bit of time before they use it. Keep a watchful eye on the birdbath to ensure no birds get in! Let it dry completely before filling it back up with fresh water.

Prevent fabrics from fading

Colored garments frequently fade when you wear and wash them a number of times. You realize that their crisp hues that make you look and feel fantastic aren’t going to last long. But did you know that there’s one thing that can prevent it? Vinegar can help prevent the color from bleeding and fading too fast. 

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To help keep colored clothes fresh and vibrant, add 1 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle of your laundry cycle. You can also set the colors by soaking dark garments in water combined with vinegar overnight before washing them. Keep this suggestion handy when washing new clothing.

Brighten your smile

Your smile is one feature that significantly impacts how you present yourself. You may have tried to whiten your teeth in the past with various bleaches and other chemicals that can be harmful to the enamel of your teeth. Vinegar is a natural whitening agent that can help you with this problem and prevent enamel damage.

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The plaque buildup on the enamel layer of the teeth is what’s causing them to turn yellow, along with the regular consumption of coffee, red wine, and the use of cigarettes. Vinegar acts to eliminate that plaque and stain build up. Brushing your teeth with it also helps to remove germs that can cause bad breath. After trying this, be ready to confidently smile showing of beautiful pearly white teeth!  

Help your tender throat

A popular approach to address minor health issues is using home remedies. A sore throat falls under this category as well. Vinegar can help relieve a sore throat by acting as a soothing agent. It has antibacterial effects properties too.

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In a glass of warm water, combine one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of salt and stir thoroughly. Several times a day, gargle with this solution. Mixing apple cider vinegar with honey and warm water is another way to tackle this problem.

Prevent cats from causing trouble

Cats do not share your enthusiasm for vinegar. They don’t mind the smell of it physically, but it irritates them enough for them to want to give it a wide berth. As a result, if there’s a place you want your cats to avoid, vinegar can act as a natural and safe deterrent.

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Take a few sponges and soak them in white vinegar before placing them in areas where you want to keep them away. You can also spray diluted or full-strength vinegar in areas where the cat is marking its territory.

Clean a wooden chopping board

It’s difficult to understand how to clean a wooden cutting board since it can get infested with hazardous bacteria. Vinegar is an excellent place to start tackling this problem. It will not only disinfect it, but it will also remove any odors.

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Stir four parts of water with one part white vinegar to make a chemical-free cleaning solution. After that, soak your cutting board for a few minutes in the solution. Rinse and pat dry. To avoid warping, do not soak it longer.

Easter Egg Coloring

There’s no need to buy special Easter egg dyeing kits; most of the items are likely already in your pantry. By adding vinegar to your Easter egg dye, you can make it more vibrant. White vinegar is the best vinegar for this project.

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Two tablespoons of vinegar can be used for every cup of water with dye. Immerse eggs in dye, turning once or twice to achieve even coverage. Separate the eggs from the dye and place them on a rack to dry off. 

Cleaner for all purposes

You can make your own inexpensive cleaning products with vinegar as it is a fantastic all-natural cleanser. The all-purpose white vinegar cleaner can help you save a lot of money. On the other hand, it is eco-friendly as well.

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Vinegar is an exceedingly helpful product, especially if you are someone who is into a natural way to clean and disinfect. Fill a bottle with water, vinegar, and a little dishwashing liquid to make the cleaning spray. Your all-purpose cleaner is ready to use!

Clean the coffee maker

It’s possible that your coffee machine isn’t as spotless as you believe. This might cause a change in the taste of your morning cup of joe! You might not be aware of how vinegar can make your coffee taste much better!

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All you need to do is clean the coffee pot with vinegar. Pour a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water into your coffee maker and start it. Make it a point to do this monthly to ensure that your coffee tastes great!

Get rid of dandruff

Dandruff is one of the most common types of hair disorders. It can also cause itching and flaking. By restoring the scalp’s natural pH levels, vinegar is said to help reduce dandruff. Its antibacterial and antioxidant properties make it useful in this department.

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You can start by doing your regular hair washing routine. Then, using a 1:1 vinegar-to-water mixture, spray it on the roots of your wet hair. Smoothing the hair cuticles, increasing the luster of your tresses, and minimizing frizziness are a few of its advantages.

Revive limp vegetables

You may notice that your vegetables have wilted and are beginning to darken around the edges. Don’t toss those leaves in the trash; they can simply be revived and turned into something green and tasty for your next dinner.

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The good news is that many veggies may be rejuvenated with something you certainly already have on hand: vinegar. You can immerse them in an ice bath with a few tablespoons of vinegar. This will result in your veggies looking crisp again.

Window Blinds Cleaning

If your visitors discover filth on your blinds, you might feel a bit embarrassed. The connected planks quickly gather dust and are difficult to clean. Using a vinegar solution to eliminate build-up and maintain the appearance of your blinds is an excellent way to avoid this annoying problem.

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In your bucket, make a combination of equal parts water and vinegar. Dip your hand in the blend and wipe each blind with a cotton glove. Not only will vinegar clean all of the blinds, but it will also fight bacteria.

Eliminate odor of garbage can

You can avoid the nasty odors in your kitchen with vinegar. It is the answer if you’re looking for a chemical-free, eco-friendly remedy to combat the smell of your trash bin. This is possible with a combination of bread and vinegar.

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Toss a piece of bread in the bottom of your trash can after soaking it in vinegar. Allow it to stay for at least one night. The next day, take out your bread and enjoy a stench-free garbage can.   

Get rid of odor from sports equipment

While sports gear is ideal for the gym, cleaning them can be a workout in itself. The moisture-wicking characteristics that make sweating more intense can also cause chaos in the laundry room. Vinegar can act as a life savior here!

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Unlike regular dryer sheets or fabric softener, vinegar prevents static and does not coat the clothes with perfumes. In a cup of cold water, dissolve one tablespoon of vinegar. After this, as usual, wash them. After, you’ll have an aroma of freshness! 

Make foot soak

Soaking your feet in vinegar can also help to relieve dry, cracked skin. Some kinds of foot fungus have also been reported to be slowed down by it. Additionally, a vinegar soak can also help reduce the symptoms of an athlete’s foot.

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First, pour one cup of vinegar into a big container. After that, pour in two cups of warm water. Continue to fill the container until complete. Immerse your feet in this warm bath for ten to twenty minutes. 

Fluff up rice

Vinegar helps you to achieve the right, fluffy texture for rice. Toss a teaspoon of vinegar into your rice pot’s boiling liquid. Fluffing allows your rice to separate and provides more air, preventing sticky pieces of rice from forming in the pot.

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The vinegar’s acid aids to break down more starches in the rice, allowing each grain to absorb more moisture. The rice also gets seasoned with vinegar. Vinegar added to rice is also known to lower the glycemic index of rice.

Clean oily dishes

Vinegar is an excellent way to remove oily stains from your cooking equipment. The acidic vinegar will dissolve and soften the tough, grainy component, making it easier to remove using a soft sponge. Therefore, it makes the process of cleaning grease a lot easier.

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Prepare a 2:1 solution of water and vinegar and soak the utensils in it for a few minutes. Remove the utensils and scrape the grease with a scrubber. This will assist you in removing the hard buildup, and your utensils will shine once more!

Silver, copper, and brass tarnish remover

Silverware tarnishes quickly, but there are several excellent cleaning options for restoring the luster of it. When vinegar comes in contact with tarnished silver, it produces an acidic reaction. As a result, the solution is excellent for cleaning silver.

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To a cup of vinegar, simply add a teaspoon of salt. Make a paste-like consistency by adding about one cup of flour. Apply this paste on your silverware and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Keeping the toilet bowl spick and span

Don’t go for a bottle of chemical cleaning solution the next time you see a dirty toilet. Instead, peek in your kitchen cabinet because many individuals are unaware that vinegar is a relatively simple cure. Vinegar should definitely be on your shopping list!

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Pour the vinegar directly into the toilet bowl’s water. Allow a few minutes for the white vinegar to soak into the toilet bowl. Then let it stay for several hours, or even overnight. It also aids in the removal of the odor.

Make your windows sparkling

Vinegar is undoubtedly a natural marvel. Did you know cleaning windows is the most popular and perhaps most effective use of vinegar? The results are virtually always streak-free and spotless when you clean a window using a vinegar-based solution.

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Mix two cups of water, 1/4 cup white vinegar, and 1/2 teaspoon dishwashing detergent in a mixing bowl. Then apply it with a spray bottle on the surface. Wipe the mixture on your windows to observe how clear they become!

Gleam scissors

Almost all of us have vinegar in our households. But were you aware that it could do so much more than cleaning your home’s nooks and crannies? If your scissor blades become sticky or dirty, you can use vinegar to revive them.

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Wipe the blades down with a moist towel soaked in white vinegar, then dry them. This keeps the metal from rusting and gives your scissors a fresh new look! So get a bottle of vinegar the next time your scissors get soiled.

Wipe ice cube maker

Ice cube trays are the most simple yet necessary kitchen items. But are your ice cubes tasting strange? It might be because they have absorbed the aromas of the frozen food. With vinegar, you can get rid of both the germs and odors.

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In warm soapy water, wash the trays. Blend the water with vinegar in a large dish. Submerge the ice trays in the solution. Allow two to six hours for it to soak. Then, rinse them thoroughly and let them dry.

Fertilize plants

Vinegar has a plethora of culinary applications, but it may also work wonders in the garden. It is excellent for farming plants like rhododendrons, gardenias, and azaleas as it can sustain acid-loving plants as a fertilizer. We know! We were unaware as well!

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Plants that prefer acid require acidic soil with a PH of six or lower. To do this, combine one tablespoon of white vinegar with one liter of water. Then, water your acid-loving plants with it once every 15 days.

Prevent a dog from scratching its ears

Vinegar may seem peculiar to apply to your dog, but it holds numerous advantages for your pet. It can be used to clean ears in general, and it has also been shown to be an effective treatment for ear infections.

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Your dog’s ear’s pH will be balanced, and the vinegar will battle bacterial and yeast infections. To make a simple cleaning solution, use two parts water and one part white vinegar. This will help keep dogs’ ears from feeling itchy as well.

Sanitise yoga mat

Nothing is worse than rolling out your sticky mat and discovering a layer of filth or a faint whiff of days-old sweat. Yogis generally sanitize their mats using vinegar along with some other ingredients. Let’s look into what comprises the cleaning recipe.

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All you need to do is combine water, vinegar, and a few drops of essential oil in a spray bottle and give it a good shake. The essential oil will provide an excellent scent to the solution. Spray your yoga mat with the mixture and wipe it clean.

Fruit and vegetable wash

Since it may be enticing to devour the fruits and vegetables straight from the shopping bag, try your best to refrain. They are most likely carrying a lot of germs on their surface. Spraying them with vinegar is the safest method.

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Fill your spray bottle halfway with one cup vinegar and four cups water, then add a tablespoon of lemon juice. Place your fruits or vegetables in a strainer and spray it. Your produce is now fit to eat! Simple as that!

Prepare meat marinade

Have you ever had delectable chicken and pondered how the chef made it? We all have! It’s probably because it might have been marinated before in vinegar. Yes, vinegar can serve as a meat marinade too! The meat will become tenderized as a result of it.

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Toss herbs and spices into your vinegar of choice, then immerse the meat. A quarter-cup of the marinade with a tablespoon or two of vinegar will suffice for most cuts. You don’t need to marinate it for more than an hour. 

Hard boiling eggs

Cooking an egg should be one of the most straightforward tasks you can undertake. Still, somehow, some people have trouble making flawless boiled eggs. For this, when boiling eggs, add a spoonful of distilled white vinegar to the water.

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When the vinegar molecules interact with the egg membrane, the egg whites stiffen and stay inside the shell. Another benefit is that vinegar softens the shells and makes peeling them easier. It will shorten your procedure time in half, if not more.

Clean smelly shoes

The foul odor of shoes can be unbearing, making you want to toss them out as fast as possible. Luckily, there are specific methods for deodorizing and restoring the scent of your shoes. You can use white vinegar to neutralize the odor.

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Simply mix water and white vinegar equally inside a spray bottle. After each use, spray the solution inside the shoes and let them dry. The vinegar will remove the stink and keep your shoes smelling fresh for several hours.

De-ice car windows

Maintaining a clean car window is essential for safe driving. A mixture of vinegar and water splattered on your car’s windshield can help prevent the glass from frosting. Use water to dilute the vinegar to make it effective.

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The combination can be used as a preventive strategy to keep ice from forming. Remember that you should never use this mixture on a window that hasn’t been repaired because of cracks. Do this regularly to obtain optimal effects.

Thoroughly clean oven

You can extend the life of your oven by cleaning its inside on a regular basis. Most probably, you already have everything needed to clean your oven in the cabinets. Vinegar can be used to help keep it like new and restore it to its former glory.

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Make a paste and set it aside overnight using baking soda and water. Wipe away the baking soda paste with a cleaning cloth that’s soaked in warm water—mix water and vinegar in a bottle. Then, clean the oven using this mixture.

Take off the bumper sticker

We all know now that vinegar is fantastic for its many cleaning abilities, but it also possesses strong adhesive-removal abilities. It is feasible to remove a sticker from your car, for example, without damaging the paint, even if it has been there for an eternity.

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Soak the sticker in white vinegar and leave it to sit for three to five minutes, or until the edges begin to strip away. It will easily peel off after. There’s a possibility that you’ll have to spray it a few more times.

Keep cheese fresh

If you want to preserve your cheese, you should avoid wrapping it in plastic wrap. After all, who doesn’t want the cheese to last as long as possible? Almost all the “cheese lovers” out there will appreciate this next piece of advice. Don’t worry; vinegar has your back.

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Wrapping it in a vinegar-soaked cloth is the best way to save it. Vinegar inhibits mold development. It won’t taste like vinegar, so don’t be concerned. So next time you get a chunk of cheese, don’t forget to buy vinegar too!