Warren Buffett Discusses How He Prevents Stress In His Life

By Goodness M

Photo Credit: forbes.com

Billionaire Warren Buffett is an undisputed expert in advising on business and life principles that lead to success. However, he has ventured into the field of mental health by giving us tips on how to take care of our bodies and mind. The billionaire emphasizes that for your mind to be in the best shape, there are certain habits that you have to adopt.

1. Get more sleep

Sleep is important in ensuring that your mind has enough rest to avoid stress. Arianna Huffington, the founder of the Huffington Post and Thrive Global, points out that she faces the new day with renewed strength after sleeping for eight hours. She credits her success to her perfect health and mental well-being resulting from getting enough sleep.

2. Play More At Work

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Playing at work leads to a more creative mindset. This notion is supported by the founder of the National Institute for Play, Stuart Brown. His argument is that play’s importance in our mental health can be equated to sleep and nutrition. Therefore, our creativity is derived from having enough time to play.

3. Eliminate Indecisiveness

As a leader, there is no room for overthinking as you are required to make decisions quickly. If you have a habit of overthinking when you are supposed to make a decision, you might end up not having the ability to act. This creates stress in mind caused by fear of the unknown. You might end up moving backward instead of progressing. As a result, your creativity is thwarted.

4. Positive Thinking

Strive by all means to focus on positivity even when negativity is staring you in the eye. Don’t allow anxiety to occupy your mind. You can achieve this by focusing on good things that happened to you. Also, focus on positive things that are yet to happen to you. This kind of optimism creates a healthy mind free of stress.

Although giving health advice is not Warren Buffett’s jurisdiction, it goes without saying that the billionaire is still mentally sharp and in good physical health at his advanced age.