Wooden Sound Amplifier: A Step-By-Step Guide To Louder Phone Audio

By Martin B

Elevating your smartphone’s audio quality and volume can be achieved through a creative and practical DIY project – crafting a wooden smartphone speaker. This endeavor combines the warmth of natural materials with enhanced sound amplification, providing an easy solution to enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, or videos with better audio clarity and volume.

Source: Etsy

To begin, gather the necessary materials: a small piece of wood (such as a block or plank), a sharp knife or saw, sandpaper, and a bit of ingenuity. The size of the wood will dictate the overall dimensions of your DIY speaker. Remember that denser woods like oak or walnut can produce richer sounds due to their acoustic properties.

First, carve a channel or hollow into the wood, leaving a narrow bridge at the bottom to act as a sound reflector. The channel should accommodate your smartphone comfortably and allow sound to travel and resonate within the wood. Use a knife or saw to carefully shape the hollow, ensuring a snug fit for your phone.

Sand down the edges and surfaces of the wooden block to achieve a smooth finish, not only for aesthetics but also to minimize any interference with sound vibrations. A polished surface can aid in better sound dispersion and resonance.

Source: Popular Science

Once your wooden speaker is carved and sanded, simply place your smartphone in the channel with the speaker facing downwards into the hollow. The sound produced by your smartphone’s speaker will bounce off the wooden walls and resonate, resulting in enhanced volume and improved audio quality.

This DIY wooden speaker isn’t merely utilitarian; it also introduces a delightful aspect to your home decor. With its rustic aesthetics and the natural wood’s resonant qualities, it imparts a touch of elegance to your auditory enjoyment.