From Storage To Showerheads: Creative Ways To Utilize Ziplock Bags

By Navkiran K

Ziplock bags are a true lifesaver where storage is concerned, and almost every home today has them. The Dow Chemical Company initially developed and test-marketed the bag in 1968, but the product took a few years to catch on. Only in the 1970s did it become a household staple, and people started using it for various purposes, from storing leftover food to packing school lunches. The bag’s airtight and anti-leakage seal keeps food products fresh, safe, and delicious. Additionally, the bags enable easy identification and quick access. But did you know that you can use the bag for packing items other than food? This article will demonstrate how you can make life easier with 45 creative and sometimes surprising ziplock bag hacks.

Bring your medications effortlessly while traveling

Do you find it challenging to keep and identify different medications while traveling? The ziplock bag is the perfect solution for your predicament. You can keep different medicines in separate small bags and label them accordingly to avoid any confusion.

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Placing your medicines in a ziplock bag protects them from humidity and ensures a long shelf life. The bags are compact and lightweight, allowing you to carry different medications without using much space, and making them an ideal choice for travel.

Enjoy snacks in your car with ease

Most drivers are fond of snacking while on the road. After all, long drives tend to make one hungry. However, most snacks come in large packets, making them difficult to handle. Ziplock bags are the perfect portable storage solutions for snacks on the go because they come in various sizes.

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You can use small bags to store a variety of snacks. They don’t take up much space and can be placed in a car’s glove apartment, making access quick and easy when you need something to munch on. Say goodbye to hunger pangs when driving.

Conveniently organize travel toiletry items

One of the major concerns when traveling is liquid leaking and getting on clothes and electronic devices, but if you have ziplock bags, you don’t need to worry. Their seals are leakproof, making them perfect for toiletries like shampoo, handwash, and lotion.

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Aside from keeping things safe, the bags keep the toiletries well-organized so you can effortlessly reach for them when needed. If leaks happen, they are contained within the pack, saving you the trouble and headache of cleaning the entire baggage.

Ensures the safety of your car mirror 

What does a ziplock bag do with keeping your car’s side mirror safe during severe weather conditions such as storms or hail? As it turns out, a lot! If you think that ziplock bags are only for food, you’re wrong.

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Ziplock bags act as a protective barrier that safeguards car mirrors against accidental scratches or damage caused by external objects. These bags can prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt, and other debris on the mirrors, so you can drive without worries.

Pack with ease 

Ziplock bags are the best options for organizing, and protecting stuff while traveling and because they are transparent, you can quickly locate things without taking them out of the bags. Want your clothes to remain wrinkle-free? Pack them individually in ziplock bags.

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The bag’s uses are endless. They are helpful when you need to keep damp or filthy items from the rest of your essentials, they make storing electronic items like charging cables or power adapters easier, and they can prevent shoes from soiling other things in your baggage.

Smoothly carry kid’s activity kits while traveling 

Keeping your kids entertained while traveling is a challenging task for most parents. A few recommendations, especially for long flights, are bringing some activity items such as story books, coloring books, puzzles, and crayons so the little ones don’t get bored.

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Ziplock bags are the best storage solution for your little one’s ‘entertainment stuff’. They allow you to quickly locate and identify the contents without any hassle. Additionally, transferring items into ziplocks eliminates the need for bulky packaging to maximize the space in your baggage.

Simplify the journey for travel bloggers

Ziplock bags are essential for frequent travelers because they allow you to organize important items such as passports, cash, visas, and tickets. These items are undoubtedly more secure and accessible when kept together in a ziplock rather than putting them into your bag.

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Aside from documents and money, you can use ziplock bags to store electronic items like charging cables, power adapters, and cameras and to protect them from getting wet. Light, cheap, and versatile, these bags are going to be your new travel buddies.

Keep passports protected

Give yourself peace of mind and keep your essential travel documents safe, clean, and accessible by putting them in ziplock bags. These bags act as a protective shield and keep passports dry when traveling to places with humidity and inclement weather.

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The last thing you want to do when at the immigration counter is to rummage through your bag while looking for your passport. Keeping it in a ziplock bag helps prevent the risk of misplacing or losing it, and protects it from scratches, creases, or tears.

Ensure the safety of your cell phone

As expensive as they may be, most mobile phones today are not waterproof and accidentally getting them wet is one of the things mobile phone owners are always wary of. Put your phone in a ziplock bag to protect it from moisture.

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Whether going on a beach vacation or visiting a water park, make sure you have a ziplock bag handy. You’ll still be able to enjoy your favorite Netflix series or movie even if your phone is safely stashed in the bag.

Make your personal air conditioning system

Can’t stand the heat? You can use the ziplock bag to make a personal air conditioner. Fill the bag with water, and put it in the freezer. Once it’s frozen, wrap it in a cloth or towel, and use it as a cold compress for your face, neck, forehead, or other areas.

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Another option is to dampen a small piece of cloth and insert it in the bag. Leave a small opening to let air circulate. As the air evaporates, you’ll feel a calm and refreshing breeze when you squeeze the bag, providing a pleasant relief from the oppressing heat.

Optimize the organization of your office/school supplies

Office or school supplies such as pens tend to get misplaced or lost due to their small size. Ziplock bags play a prominent role in organizing various stationery items; with their help, you won’t have to spend a long time searching for your stationery.

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Ziplock bags are perfect for pens, paper, paperclips, pencils, markers, crayons, watercolors, and paintbrushes. The bags allow quick identification and convenience; just make sure you store similar items together. With your stationery sorted out, you can spend time on important things, such as studying.

Convenient solution for cleaning clogged showerheads

You can use ziplock bags to efficiently clean a clogged showerhead. Fill the bag with vinegar or any cleaning solution and partially immerse the showerhead. Secure the bag with a tie and gently scrub the surface to loosen the mineral deposits. You can also let the showerhead soak overnight.

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Remove the bag, rinse the showerhead thoroughly, and run the water to flush out all the deposits. You’ll have more pleasant showers after giving your showerhead a thorough clean, and you’ll thank us for this quick and effortless cleaning solution.

Create an easy DIY cap

Ziplock bags can be reused and recycled if you’re done using them for storage. They can be creatively transformed into different products, such as a hat. Yup, you read that right, a ziplock bag can be worn on your head.

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Here, you see a ziplock bag recycled into a cap. Though these creative hats do not provide adequate protection from rain or moisture, they can still be helpful in certain situations. At the very least, the hat is going to make heads turn.

An ideal alternative for emergency water transportation

Ziplock bags can be used as an alternative water container in emergencies. However, before using them, you must ensure that there are no holes or leaks, that the bag is clean, and that it has not been used previously as storage for other items.

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When using the ziplock bag as a water container, handle it carefully and cautiously to avoid any contact with sharp objects or rough surfaces that might pierce the bag and cause leakage. Store the ziplock bag in a safe spot to prevent accidental spills. 

Packing and storing shoes made easy

Packing shoes together with clothes in the same bag can be difficult, but with the help of ziplock bags, it can be made easier. Place each pair of shoes in a separate ziplock bag so you don’t have to take out the contents of your entire bag to find them.

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Keep this tip in mind when packing for your next adventure. It will keep your bag organized, and help you maximize space, keep clothes clean, and prevent other items from coming into contact with used, dirty, and sometimes wet shoes.

Streamline your sock drawer

Misplacing a sock is something that has happened to all of us at least once in our lives, and it can take a long time to find missing pairs. Use ziplock bags to sort and categorize your socks according to size, color, purpose, or type.

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Not only will this maximize your drawer space, it will ensure that your socks remain clean and well-organized. You can reach for a good pair every time you need them and not spend an entire hour riffling through the contents of your drawer.

Preserve the pristine condition of your jewelry

To maintain your jewelry’s appearance, you must care for it and properly store it. This doesn’t mean purchasing the costliest jewelry box; inexpensive ziplock bags can do the job too. Store individual jewelry pieces in bags to prevent the tangling of delicate necklaces and chains.

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Choose a ziplock bag according to the jewelry size; small ones for earrings, bracelets, or rings, and large ones for necklaces. You can also keep entire sets in the same bag to easily reach for them when in a hurry.

A perfect way to store crayons 

Kids often misplace their crayons, and an easy solution for this problem is to use ziplock bags. Instead of always buying your little one a new set of crayons, you can put crayons of similar sizes or colors in the same bag.

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The airtight ziplock bags protect the crayons from moisture, dust, and dirt and helps maintain their quality and extend their shelf life. The bags’ compact, lightweight, and portable design make them ideal for transport to different places such as school or playground.

Beat the summer heat with a DIY ice pack

When dealing with oppressive heat and needing an instant way to cool down, you can create an ice pack with a ziplock bag. Fill a ziplock bag with enough ice cubes or crushed ice, but make sure there is ample space for the ice to move freely.

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Seal the bag to prevent any spills or leakage. Avoid any direct contact with ice on your face. For added protection, you can cover the bag with a thin cloth. Use this ice pack as needed for quick relief from the heat.

Shield your water-resistant electronics

Safeguarding your gadgets from water is essential, whether at a beach or a water park. A ziplock bag will help protect your electronic devices from water exposure. Place electronic items like mobile phones, smartwatches, and cameras inside a sealed ziplock bag to keep them dry and safe.

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With your devices safe and dry, you can enjoy your vacation without worry or fear. These bags offer a sealed, airtight solution that prevents water and moisture from reaching your electronic items. Pack a few ziplock bag the next time you travel.

Efficiently arrange and store cosmetics in a purse

Ask any woman, and they will tell you that makeup and skincare items have stained the interior of their bags at least once. You can prevent this by putting all your makeup in a ziplock bag before putting them in your handbag.

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With ziplock bags, you can prevent cosmetics and skin care products from spilling, leaking, and spoiling other items in your bag, and you can find your mascara or lipstick whenever you need to. You can always find a bag suitable for your needs because they come in different sizes. 

Systematized method of storing electronics

Do you also frequently deal with the inconvenience of untangling cables or wires? You’re not alone; others have the same problem, which the ziplock bag can quickly solve. The bags provide a secure and organized solution for charging cables and wired earphones.

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Use clip binders to prevent wires from tangling with one another before putting them in bags. You can label the bag according to its contents for easy identification. Do this before your flight to avoid the hassle of emptying the contents of your backpack to find your wired earphones.

Conveniently organize DIY baby wipes

Baby wipes are necessities when traveling with little ones, but what if you discovered that you ran out of them and had no time to grab some from the store? Ziplock bags enable you to make and store your homemade baby wipes. Place a soft and spongy cloth or towel inside the bag. Prepare a solution of water and a gentle baby moisturizer or cleanser.

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Pour the solution into the bag and ensure the wipes are adequately saturated but not soaked. Securely seal the bag to prevent leaks or spills, and you have baby wipes ready for use. Pull out one whenever you need, and prevent the wipes from drying by resealing right away. 

Munch anytime, anywhere!

Do you enjoy munching while traveling or driving but find bringing a large packet of snacks inconvenient, much less consuming all of the contents? Ziplock bags offer an easy and cost-effective way of organizing and packing small portions of different snacks.

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The airtight seal helps maintain the snack’s freshness and prevents it from getting soggy. Because the bags are transparent, you can quickly identify the snacks inside. You can tell which one has cookies, nuts, chips, or gummy bears and reach for your favorite without opening all the bags.

Marinating meat with ease

Use ziplock bags to ensure optimal flavor absorption and minimum cleanup hassle when marinating meat. By gently massaging the bags, you can conveniently distribute and mix the marinade into the meat, so you are guaranteed great-tasting food all the time.

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The airtight feature prevents the air from entering the bag, which prevents the meat from being spoiled. These bags also offer space optimization as they can be stacked in your refrigerator, and reused or disposed of quickly, making the cleanup process easier.

More flexible than Tupperware 

Tupperware containers gained recognition in the 1950s for their distinctive lid sound. In contrast, ziplock bags don’t have that sound, but they offer an easy and rapid solution for storing assorted items. They are a convenient and budget-friendly alternative to Tupperware.

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Compared to Tupperware and other plastic containers, ziplock bags can adapt the shape of the items stored in them, optimizing space utilization in refrigerators. These bags also come in different sizes and are transparent, quickly and easily identificatying the stored items.

Protects your pocket 

Whether you get stuck in heavy rain or are enjoying a vacation at a beach, it is essential to safeguard your belongings from the risk of getting wet. The ziplock bag is water resistant and helps protect items like cash, debit or credit cards, personal IDs, etc.

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The airtight seal effectively prevents water from reaching and soaking your valuables, so they are guaranteed to stay dry and protected. The next time you go on vacation, have ziplock bags handy, especially if you plan to go to the beach or the tropics.

Dispose of cooking oil hassle-free

Cooking oil should never be poured down the sink because it can clog your drain pipes. Use ziplock bags to dispose of oil safely and conveniently without damaging your plumbing system. Ensure the oil is at room temperature before disposal.

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Check the bag to ensure it is free from holes or tears to prevent leakage. Pour the oil gradually into the bag to avoid accidental spills, and remember not to overfill the bag. Seal it tightly before disposal in the trash.

Properly stores DIY TV dinners 

Who doesn’t enjoy a movie night with meals that only require reheating? A homemade meal is a healthier and often tastier choice compared to fast food. To make your TV dinner, prepare your desired meals, cool them down, and divide them into single serving sizes.

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Place the portions in the bags and label them with the necessary information, and indicate any specific reheating instructions. Put the bags in the freezer until you’re ready to enjoy your DIY healthy but tasty TV dinner. Easy as 1-2-3.

Storing game equipment made easy

Gaming equipment is another non-food item that can be stored and organized in ziplock bags. You won’t have to deal with tangled wires, cords, and chargers anymore, your game room will look better and you’ll locate things in a jiffy.

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For easy access, segregate small and big gaming equipment into separate ziplock bags and label them accordingly. Your gaming devices will be free from dust, dirt, or moisture, and you’ll avoid losing or mixing up a few puzzle pieces, and sort out board games too.

 An incredible alternative to a pastry bag

Don’t fret if you’re baking a cake or pastry but need more pastry bags, you can substitute them with ziplock bags. Just make sure it’s the right size for your needs, and you won’t even be able to tell the difference.

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Fill the bag with your desired frosting, icing, or batter, and secure it. If you are particular regarding the shape and design of your product, you can customize the tip of the bag and adjust it as per your preference.

Protect your devices while cooking

Most of us refer to cooking or baking videos while preparing meals to ensure we get the recipe right. However, by doing so, we risk damaging our devices while using them in the kitchen. A simple solution is to put your device in a ziplock bag.

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The bag will protect your device from accidental spills or stains. Ensure that the bag is tightly sealed, and find a secure spot away from direct contact with liquids or potential spills and cook or bake to your heart’s content.

Preserving your dessert’s freshness  

Ziplock bags can be a suitable alternative storage for desserts. The bag’s airtight seal helps retain the dessert’s freshness and maximizes their flavors and taste. If you don’t have a freezer; you can store dessert in a ziplock bag and place it in a bigger bag filled with ice cubes.

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With a ziplock bag, you can minimize the risk of potential spills and leakage, and efficiently transport desserts, particularly when access to a freezer is not possible. Impressed yet with all the uses of the humble bag? We still have more to go.

Prepare your emergency snacks

Feel like snacking but can’t find suitable food options? Ziplock bags can be a savior during these emergencies. Store a few snacks in the bags and take them with you, so you can easily reach for them to satisfy your cravings.

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The bags are a lightweight and compact solution for small snacks such as nuts, protein bars, cookies, candies, and more. With a single ziplock bag, you can make personalized snack mixes by putting together different things according to your taste.

Make your own funnel 

Badly need a funnel but don’t have one? You can create a makeshift funnel from a ziplock bag by cutting one off the bottom corners with scissors. You can smoothly pour or transfer liquids to different containers with your improvised funnel.

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Place the ziplock bag over the opening of the other container and pour the liquid with the utmost care to prevent accidental spills. After transferring the liquid, you can reuse the ziplock bag by washing and drying it, or it can be disposed of.

Organize your camping must-haves with ease

Organizing and storing different camping essentials can be made easy with ziplock bags. Group your belongings according to categories, such as toiletries, food items, electronic items, first-aid, etc., and keep them in separate ziplock bags and label each bag accordingly.

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Using transparent bags makes it easy to find the items you need. Make sure you properly seal the bag to prevent leakages inside your backpack. You’ll have a more pleasant camping experience with this organization and storage ziplock bag hack.

Preserve your Christmas cookies effortlessly

Who doesn’t enjoy Christmas cookies? We know we do; but don’t enjoy soggy or stale cookies. They are not pleasing to the taste buds. Worry not if you’ve baked too much of them; you can retain their freshness and taste by storing them in a ziplock bag.

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Don’t put too many cookies in the bag; you’ll risk crushing them and nobody likes that. Leave enough space inside the bag, and keep different flavored cookies in separate bags to maintain their taste. Lastly, ensure the bags are well-sealed to keep them fresh.

Maintain the crispness of your salad!

Salads in ziplocks? Who would have known? Storing salads in ziplock bags can help maintain their crispness and quality and extend their shelf life. To preserve the crispness of your salad, line the bag with a paper towel to absorb any excess moisture.

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Do not put too much salad in the bag. To maintain freshness, eliminate any excess air from the bag and securely seal it. Even when stored in a bag, consuming the salad within a few days is a must for optimal quality and taste.

Snack on pancakes anytime!

Putting pancakes in ziplock bags helps retain their freshness for a long time. The airtight seal prevents exposure to air, which can cause them to dry out or become stale. The bags allow efficient use of freezer space because unlike plastic containers, they don’t take up much space.

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Label the ziplock bags with their storage date so you can easily see if they are still ok to eat at a later time. Once you’re ready to enjoy pancakes, thaw the desired amount and reheat in a microwave, toaster, or oven.

Optimal organization of toys 

No one dreams of a messy house, but it is part and parcel of having children. Little ones must play if they are to learn, and toys are part of learning and discovering. However, this doesn’t mean that the best course of action is to not exert any effort in organizing your kid’s toys.

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Categorize toys accordingly. Put all building blocks in one bag, action figures in another, etc.. This will make your home tidier and make it easy for the tiny tots to find the toy they want without opening all the bags.

Safeguard your repair equipment

Storing various repair essentials such as screwdrivers and pliers is simple with ziplock bags. The bag are versatile and are the ideal size for backpacks too, so you can take them with you if you need to do repairs elsewhere.

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Ziplock bags aid in safeguarding your tools from damage, moisture, dirt, and potential loss. Tools like screws, nails, bolts, adhesives, etc., can be organized well and stored in individual or separate ziplock bags to make finding items a piece of cake.

Prevent spoiling maps

Although most people nowadays rely on technology such as GPS to get them from one place to another, a few old-fashioned folks still prefer to use maps. The heavy handling of maps can result in tears, creases, and damage, but you can prevent these by putting your map in a ziplock bag.

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Select a ziplock bag large enough to fit the map without folding or crumpling it, and seal the bag tightly to protect it from moisture and damage. Now you can consult your map without ruining it, and get to your destination on time.

Ensures the safety of baby products

Ask any parent, and they will tell you that organizing various baby essentials is challenging. How do you fit a variety of items in a single bag, and find what you’re looking for every time you reach in your bag?

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Ziplock bags allow you to conveniently store, organize, and transport baby items and food essentials such as shampoo, rash creams, moisturizers, powder bottles, milk powder, and feeding nipples. You won’t have to rummage through the diaper bag to find them.

 Attain mastery of controlling portion size

We’ve all been there, sitting in front of the TV and consuming a whole packet of chips or candies, only to have an existential crisis and an emotional breakdown later. Stop eating more than you’re supposed to by exercising portion control.

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You can freeze meals in different portions using ziplock bags, to prevent overeating or food waste. Portioning your meals helps you attain a balanced diet. In addition, you can bring your meals with you to still satisfy your cravings and eat healthy at the same time.

Aids in keeping socks intact 

Ziplock bags can be used effectively to keep your socks and clothes dry. Whether camping, hiking, enjoying water sports, or getting caught in the rain, ziplock bags will prevent moisture from reaching your socks, so you always have a pair or two ready.

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As unconventional as they may be, they are an effective solution for small items that tend to go missing easily, especially on a trip. Consider packing your socks in a ziplock bag on your next vacation and you’ll see what a huge difference they make.