5 Simple And Efficient Keyboard Tricks

By Martha N

If you work online, at a corporate job, or you’re even just a student, you may find that you probably use your computer on a daily basis. Computers are amazing machines for storing data, getting tasks done faster, and so on. If you are looking to save even more time while enjoying working on your PC, getting better with the keyboard will most definitely help. You need to befriend your keyboard by learning simple tricks and hacks for how to control it. Below are 5 simple keyboard tricks that will make your life way easier. Lets dig in.

Image courtesy of Dari Kozubski/Pinterest

Befriend your keyboard

Get to know this little hardware device first. Start delving into all the features on your keyboard. From sticky keys to arrow keys, to numeric keys and more. Make sure you understand what each key is and function it serves.

Customize your keyboard settings

Congratulations!! You now know your keyboard pretty well. Now it’s time to switch up and customize a few settings on your keyboard to fit your personal preference

You are able to modify:

Make use of shortcuts

Shortcuts are time savers and will save you many unnecessary clicks.

Here are some shortcuts you need to know.

Ctrl + S    – To save any changes you’ve made to your documents

Ctrl + C   – To copy

Ctrl + X   – To cut

Ctrl + V   – To paste

These are just a few basic shortcuts.

Make Use Of Sticky keys

Sticky keys assist by helping you press one key at a time when executing keyboard shortcuts, making life much better. That way you don’t need to press multiple keys all at the same time. For example, the function, CTRL+ALT+DEL, helps you to see all the applications running on the computer.

Image courtesy of John Petalcurin/Pexels


Use the hacks above to help you work more efficiently when using your keyboard. Do you have a keyboard trick we forgot to mention? If so, share with us in the in the comment section below your favorite keyboard shortcuts.